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Devine Hunters
This new clan specializes in MPH. Devine Hunters is a new MPH clan, we might have only just officially opened but this clan is going to grow and it is going to be the most active MPH clan out there!!

Rank Site Rating In Out
26 Silent Murderers
10.00 69 219
"Kill Or Be Killed"
We are a new MPH clan please come and check us out. You must tryout for our clan.
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27 Dragon Soul
10.00 63 179
We are a strong clan who supports out memebers, we play many games like Metroid Prme Hunters, Mario kart and many more. We also have stuff that some clans dont have, a chatbox and a good community Comments
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28 Eternal Alliance
9.00 55 269
This Is an AWESOME New Site, We are EXTREMELY active, for being a new clan, So come check us out, We Support All WiFi Games! Comments
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29 Clan SSTG
4.97 55 511
Clan SSTG is a fairly new clan with an amazing website, chatroom, forums, and daily gaming news updates. What more could you ask from such a good clan? Comments
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30 EnV ME.
8.64 46 325
We are a new MP:H Clan that is looking for members.

All 5 Star level players so far.
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31 DeaTh DuO
7.50 44 200
DeaTh DuO is a *NEW* MPH ONLY clan formed by "Sexi Girl" and "Shadow". Anyone welcome to come tryout. Peace~ Comments
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32 Tactical Legends
7.94 40 359
This is a clan that barely started but will grow. We are new but we have good hunters. We will like you to join our clan and we will help you! Also, new features will be added so it gives you a more.. Comments
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33 Silent Assassins
3.38 37 330
A great, up and coming MPH Clan. Great Community, excepts a variety of players from 1 star - 5 star. Comments
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34 Eternal Alliance
10.00 36 152
We are an All-Around Wi-Fi Clan, our main games are SSBB, MK Wii, MOHH:2, and MP:H, come check us out, because I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO! Comments
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35 Fatal Sin
5.71 35 298
We are a new clan, and we got the best. From F5X Biohazard, to Punk-X-. We both run the clan called, Fatal Sin. We got a few members, but we're super active and a welcome community. Comments
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36 The Otaku Elite
3.82 34 397
THe best anime and Nintendo wifi clan there is we suport all wifi games including Metriot Prime Hunters. Comments
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37 Fatal Vengence Team {FVT}
10.00 32 208
FVT clan is a new clan up in here, We need some new members now,We accept skilled playas,
if you wanna come here please make an account k
peace out and DONT 4GET TO JOIN {FVT}!!!!!!!!
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38 dapper boyz community
5.00 31 135
this clan is new but it will get bigger;when we get 15 mem we will start the biggest clan war ever. Comments
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39 Sacred Legacy
10.00 29 139
We are a new MPH clan please come and check us out. Comments
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40 Prime Titans {PT}
6.67 29 329
Prime Titans MPH CLAN {PT} Clan started and made a website. Member friendly and games, forums, movie theater, and more more. Comments
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41 American Revolutionary War
NR 28 135
The first and only Revolutionary War game. Comments
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42 Phantom Renegades
8.18 28 267
Phantom renegades is a new clan that is growing every day.We have very loyal members that recruit. Comments
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43 xXx Hunters
4.84 27 452
We are a great WiFi Gaming Clan. Comments
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44 The Kriken Empire(DEAD)
4.00 24 645
We're Dead. Plz delete, thank you. Comments
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45 Berserk snipers
NR 24 122
A Newly powerful clan that will dominate Comments
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46 EF4
7.75 23 484
the fastest growing clan out there!!
players of the popular wifi games
masters of pwning
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47 Endless Odyssey
5.83 20 236
Welcome to Endless Odyssey(EO), A Mph Clan! Eo will only accept "Tested" members into the Team!
We are a very active Team for Mph, and have many highly skilled members, If you would like to join e-m
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48 Asian Mafia
7.60 19 215
We are Asian Mafia. We use the clan tag {aZn} We are a clan that just got revived. We are looking for new members. We are not racist btw. We play MPH and ACWW. Comments
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49 Exiled Evil
5.00 17 180
Exiled Evil currently supports Metroid Prime Hunters, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. We will be expanding into other games if we get tryouts for them! Comments
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50 FLZ
8.57 16 613
We are a MPH, with 118 members and counting . Clan wars as well as clan tourneys are regualer activitys here Comments
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