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Rank Site Rating In Out
76 Scion Knights
10.00 14 78
We are the Scion Knights. We are currently looking for new members to join our clan. We have clan wars and tournaments often so check our site out or even try out. Comments
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77 HoN-Clan - Hunters of Nightmare
7.50 14 285
We are a new Metroid Prime: Hunters Clan!
We accept everyone who is a bit intelligent.

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78 Dead
10.00 14 185
please delet Comments
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79 operation 2008
10.00 13 161
active clan. actual clan/growing. play and help us in clan wars-interesting page. visit it and register. Comments
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80 SS Free
NR 13 103
StarCraft, WarCraft, Diablo, American Revolutionary War, Hellgate: London, and Mythos since June 25, 2006. Comments
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9.12 13 240
We are a new clan, so check us out, we Support mainly MPH, but also every WiFI game, so come on and check us out! Vote us! 10 Please!!!!! Comments
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82 Crazy Assassins
10.00 12 170
We are an online wifi gaming community. We have lots of topics and anyone can join. Comments
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83 Galactic Prophecy
5.75 12 279
One Of The Best MPH Clans Around Comments
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84 Clan Zero
7.50 12 301
This clan is a ds/Wii clan. We support many games including MPH. Comments
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85 Nintendo Elites 15
8.33 11 124
We are a newer clan that hosts try-outs for most all Nintendo Wi Fi games. Recently added: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Come here if you like Nintendo. Comments
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86 jetaim
6.67 11 127
this is the jetaim site were we set up wars, and have a good time we are currently recuiting Comments
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87 Alimbic Cluster
4.00 11 328
A relatively new MPH Clan for any hunter, regardless of rank. No disconnectors or glitchers though. Comments
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88 Crystal Fate
4.67 10 283
we are the new version of Clan liteblue since it died a few months ago... we are a fierce clan that consist of mainly 5 stars... we accept all and train... if you report any d/cing report it to me... Comments
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89 The Eternalists
6.88 9 244
We are a very new Metroid Prime Hunters clan. We will accept anyone who would like to join. We also have lots of fun tournaments and clan battles for everybody!!! Comments
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90 ~~Final Wish Clan~~
10.00 9 333
~~Final Wish Clan~~
(FW) Is a MPH clan with some good players. We can use some good MPH-players.
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91 Wifi Warriors
8.00 9 144
We are a clan that supports all wifi games Comments
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92 Crazy Assassins
10.00 8 237
We allow anyone to join we are a wi-fi gaming community we have lots of different forums and an arcade a pet system a shop Comments
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93 WiiRevolution
10.00 8 163
All WiFi Games. Comments
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94 0n3
5.00 8 262
We are an active MPH clan, we have many members and we are looking to recruit some more. You need to get 2 RECommendations than a Final Test by the leader, Wegz. We have many clan wars and clan tourna Comments
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95 Team TDS
4.60 7 435
MK Division is undefeated but MPH Division is still looking for its first clan match. Comments
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96 Midnight Hunters
10.00 7 243
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97 DEAD dellete this now
3.40 6 138
Delete this file Comments
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98 Devine Hunters
10.00 5 125
This new clan specializes in MPH. Devine Hunters is a new MPH clan, we might have only just officially opened but this clan is going to grow and it is going to be the most active MPH clan out there!! Comments
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99 SS Free
2.00 5 119
The #1 teen gaming community. Comments
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100 0n3
4.78 5 304
The revival of F5.Alex's previous 0n3 clan.
I, {0n3}.WegZ has brought it back!
Please visit the site for all the details.
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