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Shock Wave
Shock Wave is just getting started, but we have the potential to be a great clan! We have Tournaments monthly, and clan battles with other rival clans. Everyone is welcome to try out!

Rank Site Rating In Out
51 Legendary_Six
5.00 16 346
Hi im Trocra and I plan on defeating the F5x and F5. I need your help so join and we will achieve final victory. I am L6 Trocra and I dont plan on losing. Comments
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52 Ultra Pwners
8.00 15 277
This is a new and growing clan btu with more mebers this clan could be one of the best on the block! Once we get enough memebrs we will start clan wars! Comments
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53 The Good Guys
6.67 15 276
A Brand New MPH clan consisting of some of the best players around , looking for new members so feel free to join (only accepting 3*s +) Comments
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54 Rogue Squadron
6.40 15 208
Rogue Squadron is WFWD's longest-surviving clan and are a SFC, MPH,MKDS,etc., and more-based clan ready to take on anyone and everyone as long as there's fair competition involved. RS may expand to other games as they see fit, so stay tuned to any and all Comments
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55 TLC The Top Lotus clan
10.00 14 146
Tlc is is the ultimate gaming clan we are very active..we do not tolerate chat box junkies , therefore the forums are super active as well as the chat boxes..we support clan gaming on the following
mph,mohh2,brawl,mkw,halo,..soon to be more like..if u ha
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56 Scion Knights
10.00 14 78
We are the Scion Knights. We are currently looking for new members to join our clan. We have clan wars and tournaments often so check our site out or even try out. Comments
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9.12 13 240
We are a new clan, so check us out, we Support mainly MPH, but also every WiFI game, so come on and check us out! Vote us! 10 Please!!!!! Comments
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58 Crazy Assassins
10.00 12 170
We are an online wifi gaming community. We have lots of topics and anyone can join. Comments
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59 Galactic Prophecy
5.75 12 279
One Of The Best MPH Clans Around Comments
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60 Clan Zero
7.50 12 301
This clan is a ds/Wii clan. We support many games including MPH. Comments
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61 Alimbic Cluster
4.00 11 328
A relatively new MPH Clan for any hunter, regardless of rank. No disconnectors or glitchers though. Comments
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62 Nintendo Elites 15
8.33 11 124
We are a newer clan that hosts try-outs for most all Nintendo Wi Fi games. Recently added: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Come here if you like Nintendo. Comments
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63 ~~Final Wish Clan~~
10.00 9 333
~~Final Wish Clan~~
(FW) Is a MPH clan with some good players. We can use some good MPH-players.
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64 Wifi Warriors
8.00 9 144
We are a clan that supports all wifi games Comments
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65 0n3
5.00 8 262
We are an active MPH clan, we have many members and we are looking to recruit some more. You need to get 2 RECommendations than a Final Test by the leader, Wegz. We have many clan wars and clan tourna Comments
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66 Crazy Assassins
10.00 8 237
We allow anyone to join we are a wi-fi gaming community we have lots of different forums and an arcade a pet system a shop Comments
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67 DEAD dellete this now
3.40 6 138
Delete this file Comments
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68 Eternal Gaze
4.27 5 235
This is the home page for the site "Eternal Gaze" a Nintendo WiFi Clan that is free to join (You must meet SOME requirements.) Comments
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69 0n3
4.78 5 304
The revival of F5.Alex's previous 0n3 clan.
I, {0n3}.WegZ has brought it back!
Please visit the site for all the details.
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70 Nvasion Wii & DS Clan
5.00 5 142
Nvasion WII & DS CLan
Join US

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71 Shock Wave
7.00 5 201
Shock Wave is just getting started, but we have the potential to be a great clan! We have Tournaments monthly, and clan battles with other rival clans. Everyone is welcome to try out! Comments
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72 Hunter Massacre
3.75 5 275
A new hunters clan with an awsome forum, tournaments, and affiliates(coming soon).
We now have a system starting for xfire. We might have something else planned to! Join today!
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73 Devine Hunters
10.00 5 125
This new clan specializes in MPH. Devine Hunters is a new MPH clan, we might have only just officially opened but this clan is going to grow and it is going to be the most active MPH clan out there!! Comments
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74 -Forgotten Knight-
NR 4 0
this clan is new it will get better and bigger;we need skilled player,so if you wanna join register and the go to the try-out forum--(May Honer Be With You)-- Comments
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75 WiiLive
4.08 4 206
WiiLive is a site dedicated to online gaming on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Comments
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