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Clan site for Legendary Gods Come join!

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1 MPH tournaments, Home of the 8th Bounty Clan
6.75 945 2869
We are a new clan that is just getting started and accepts almost everyone. So come out and tryout we have some good people! STILL ACTIVE! Join NOW gettting really popular!!!!!OVER 70 Members! Comments
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2 MMORPG warofhell game
NR 829 1152

MMORPG free online game warofhell.com
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

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3 Ultimate Fatalities
8.02 562 2149
A new MPH clan that will rapidly grow. There are touranments, weekly practices, clan wars and more! =D Check it out! Comments
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4 Ninja Penguins!
7.03 531 1590
The Ninja Penguins are a different kind of clan. We don't only except the best, we except all as long as they do one thing, respect others. Comments
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5 The Jade Wolves Clan
2.86 418 1136

We are a Wi-Fi DS/WIi clan. Everyone is welcome. We battle, hold tournaments, and just have fun. We are open to all challenges from other clans.
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6 Death Quake - Clan | Community | Friend Codes
7.60 321 1233
Very active! We cover all popular Nintendo Wi-Fi games! Our forums have an organized FC system, store, radio, arcade, chat, and much more! Come check us out, you won't be sorry. Comments
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7 The Eternal Alliance Clan
5.69 291 712
A Wi-Fi clan specialising in all WiFi Games. Join Us, and help Us Lead Our way to Victory! Comments
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8 Blind Element
8.04 228 1124
This is truly a very unique clan. We are very active and have tournaments and clan wars very often. We offer an organized and advanced community. Also, we offer training to ANYONE. Comments
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9 iPwn Clan, Not Liscensed By Apple.
9.51 223 834
We are a NEW All-Around Wi-Fi Gaming Clan, come check us out, because I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO! Comments
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10 Hunted society
7.39 204 823
HS is a VERY good clan with fun members. Alot of us hang out in the MPH wi-fi lobby. we accept anyone that is acyive and kind. Please join and we will test you as soon as we can Comments
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11 Radiant Abyss
8.26 194 795
This clan is not a new one but we got a new forum, this clan is for almost every wifi game but its mainly MPH Comments
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12 Quick as Lightning Clan
4.13 190 1028

My clan is fairly new, but we are growing a bit everyday! We have a money system, clan teams, and even some tournaments that everyone can take part in. So what are you waiting for? Join today!
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13 {FD} Fatal Devastation
8.13 163 948
Join {FD} Clan
PM {FD}S.Shot-chris or falcon for a tryout
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14 The Legendary Killers
8.00 157 527

An exciting and fun MPH clan to hang out and accepting any new members, just need to tryout. =D Come see for yourself why we have so many active members!
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15 Cloud Kingdom
7.66 140 660
It's awesome guys. New, offer training, no tests as of right now. Join guys! Comments
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16 Ichiban Dragoons
7.45 123 654
Ichiban Dragoons is a MPH clan that is also for all other wifi games(Wii and DS), game help, anime/manga, and MMO(RP)Gs. Comments
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17 wi-fi knights
6.75 115 553
a very active site for mph and many more ds games with chat and an exceptional chat box Comments
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18 Smileyhunterz
8.55 111 604
Dead clan =[ jnfd.co.nr is our new url Comments
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19 Elite Snipers
4.30 109 773
A great MPH clan with a variety of members. We are a extremely active community and are great at MPH. We are a great clan for new comers to MPH and professinals at MPH. Comments
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20 Creeping Death
5.65 106 583
Great clan, with an active community, and great members. Join today. Comments
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21 how to win aganst AR AND D/C clan
7.77 101 497

no D/Cers and AR hakers!
all clans may come and have clan battles and enter tornys!
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22 Kriken Lords
8.75 88 544
(KL) Pro Trace users.....
Accepting everyone. Join NOW!!!
*HELP NEEDED: For banner & skin.*
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23 flaming kandens
8.70 86 407
flaming kandens homes
a nice grope that is varry friendly
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24 The Dark Side
9.02 85 455
"The Dark Side" is a German "Nintendo WFC" clan.
We play many different games, all of them are written down on our clanpage.
Visit our Page if you want to join or if you want a clan-war.
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25 Aces High
8.57 80 396
Scared Alex? ;) Once we get 10 more members or so ill be glad to have another war with you. Comments
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